More earning opportunities!

Rockwall Investments is the company which gives its users various online earning possibilities, since 2017.
Amongst others, those are: cryptocurrency mining and Passive Income (INTEGRA)  with daily bonuses up until your  plan reaches 140% (!) (that come from the company profits, generated from multiple sources). You can benefit from both options at the same time, or just use one of them, depending on your choice.

The most important information:

Passive Income: so called, INTEGRA.

It allows you to earn daily bonuses,
that come from different sources of the company profits:
bots and algorithms (35%), Masternodes (17%),
POS mining (20%), POW mining (20%) and POC mining (8%),
up until the service reaches 140% of the price you bought it for (100% of what you’ve paid + 40% of profit).

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to purchase the INTEGRA pack – for the minimum of $50.
The company generates profits from their earnings, and that allows you to receive daily bonuses up until your INTEGRA plan reaches 140% (!)
There is nothing else you’d have to do: there is no need to click on any adverts or to pay for any subscriptions.

Important: The company offers a guarantee that they’ll refund the cost of Integra service, if within 250 days (extreme circumstances) you still did not get back the 100% of what you originally paid. However, you have to remember that above guarantee does not apply if the company gets shut down (this is the risk that’s present in every company on the planet and you should always bare that in mind(!).

Cryptocurrency mining: you purchase the cryptocurrency mining pool with specific mining power (contract price starts from only $25 for 1MH). You don’t have to worry about buying your own miner, about electricity, service and equipment failure. You mine cryptocurrency of your choice using the company equipment and then simply withdraw the profits to your wallet. You may choose to use only this option within the program, if you’re not interested in the other ones.

For now, in Rockwall, you can purchase mining contracts for following cryptocurrencies: BTC, Zcash, ETH, ETC, Dash, Ubiq and FTO.

Each contract stays active for 730 days, so it mines crypto of your choice for 2 years.

Shields plan + mining BOOST: this is the third possibility of earning in Rockwall Investments, and at the same time, it is a boost of your mining power.
When you purchase Rockwall Shields, you receive the specific product, depending on how much you pay for it, as well as special Boost for the cryptocurrency mining contract you already have.

All you have to do is purchase 1MH/s mining power (for around $25), to receive the products + boost in MH/s, so a bit more power for your mining.

ATTENTION: from 26/11/2018, people who do not own at least 1MH/s mining power, are NOT going to be able to purchase Shields, because they are strictly connected with mining Boost. You do not mine = You’re unable to buy any further shields.

What products do you receive with a purchase of Shields:

$10 Shield = 0.01% Boost + product: basic landing page
$25 Shield = 0.015% Boost + product: advertisement banners
$50 Shield = 0.02% Boost + product: e-book
$75 Shield = 0.025% Boost + product: personalized email accounts
$100 Shield = 0.03% Boost + product: premium landing page in basic languages
$150 Shield = 0.035% Boost + product: premium landing page in extended languages
$200 Shield = 0.04% Boost + product: personalized domain

Shields – additional earning options:

1. Each Shield is a 3×3 structure. If you find, in total, 39 people, who join the company using your link and buy a shield, you’ll receive a reward – 20 times the value of that particular shield. For $10 Shield, it would equal $200 reward.
2. You are going to receive 8% commission for every shield purchased by your direct referrals.

In addition, expanded, but also well-prepared commission system within the program, makes it a tempting option for those who are strong in marketing, as well as for beginners.
Of course, promoting the company is NOT NECESSARY. You may wish to build structures, but you don’t have to 🙂


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